About Reiki

Reiki is the universal spiritual life force, which is at the back of all beings, and is one form of spiritual healing. Reiki is a non-intrusive hands-on form of healing and is given fully clothed. It heals on two levels: spiritual and emotional.

It works with the chakras (wheels or vortex of whirling energy, which are the psychic centres), which are an essential part of the body's energy system, and the aura (a sphere of energy surrounding the physical body). The meridians are the final part of the human energy body, which are channels helping to carry the life force around and through the body.
Reiki can aid in clearing energy blockages, clearing the mind and calming the emotions. It can aid in enabling the body to rebalance and reconnect the individual with their spirituality, thus harmonising the whole self in a holistic way. It can be an aiding tool for day-to-day stress, relaxation and well-being. It can aid with pain.

Reiki can aid in bringing calmness of mind and clarity of thought. It can help individuals to deal with their challenges-the life experiences-, which are the learning lessons. Reiki can also aid individuals to regain vitality and to re-evaluate their life, in order to potentially discover the way forward, bringing inner stillness and purpose.

Once individuals learn to relax and there is calm and stillness, this can bring awareness of changes needing to be made to aid and supplement the healing process. Reiki can aid in the dying process. Reiki can be used for all living beings, whether adults, children, animals and plants. Healing has been in use for thousands of years in almost all cultures and societies.

Reiki is a Japanese word, divided into two: Rei meaning spirit and Ki meaning energy (subtle energy).

Jin Kei Do is one of the Reiki lineages. Jin Kei Do, divided into three, Jin meaning Compassion, Kei meaning Wisdom and Do meaning Way or Path.
Mikao Usui, a Japanese scholar, was drawn to searching and travelling to find the healing methods used by the Buddha and Jesus, and rediscovered in Tibet the ancient healing art we now call Reiki.